Strange issue with computers and CloudFlare

So I run CloudFlare and have been for about five years with no issues. Now all of a sudden I’m having an issue on one computer where when I submit a post I get a 525 error from CloudFlare. Yet on two other laptops and in a VMware instance of Windows 7 I don’t get this error. Further, if I bypass CloudFlare connecting directing to my origin via the hosts file in Windows there are no errors. My host tells me all CloudFlare IPs are whitelisted, he even took down the firewall and anti virus and no change. Again, this is computer specific it seems. Also, I’ve tried with three browsers: Pale Moon, Firefox and Chrome. With Pale Moon the error doesn’t happen all that often, but it can. With Firefox or Chrome the issue is usually all the time.

I have tried everything that I can think of. Messing around with the computer, reinstalling the NIC driver, resetting the TCP/IP stack, flushing DNS, uninstalling programs, you name it. I even messed with CloudFlare options. Yet my other phpBB board has no issues on the same host, just this one.

So it’s browser, computer and domain specific. Please download and unzip the video.

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