Strange issue, Incoming mail works, EXCEPT for interact e transfer

After 2 years of unchanged settings and zero issues, suddenly incoming mail from Interac is bounced, while all other mail comes in just fine. Receiving Interac E transfers was always fine, until a few days ago when people began to tell us they could no longer send E transfers to our address. When contacting Interac, they were able to provide me these records, although I can’t find anything particularly useful in them:

Please find the below SMTP logs,


Jul 7 10:02:00 mtlpnot01 postfix/smtp[32236]: 23FA3480882: to=[email protected], relay=none, delay=0.07, delays=0.06/0/0.01/0, dsn=5.3.0, status=bounced ( unable to look up host _dc-mx.6852e400438e No address associated with hostname)

All other mail does not get bounced, and we receive it just fine. There is NO proxy set for mail in DNS settings, it is DNS only. When contacting my serverhost, they said it is a cloudflare issue as m DNS is set with cloudflare. I’m not sure if this is true or they are just passing the blame. It’s a mysterious issue and I would love some help if anyone has any ideas.

Can you confirm that the two name servers at the bottom of your DNS page are Amit and Tess?

If they are, I suggest you open a ticket and have them figure out what’s going on with your MX record. Send them an email from the address associated with your account. support AT cloudflare DOT com

I believe I can indeed confirm that the two name serviers are Amit and Tess. It certainly says so in cloudflare, and according to cpanel, I believe the name servers are set up correctly. If you can see anything wrong in these logs please let me know, if not I’ll open a ticket. Thanks for the help!
DNS records

Alright! I got some new more helpful information from interac as to what might be going on, it does seem to be a cloudflare issue, but hopefully one I can resolve myself. This is what they sent:

Please ask your email host to investigate other possible issues that may be affecting the notification delivery.

These 2 Interac mail server addresses needs to be added to your safe senders’ list: [email protected] and [email protected].

Also, your host must whitelist these 2 Interac IPs: and

Do you use Cloudflare or can you ask your host? We had some recent users that had to make an update within their Cloudflare account and resolved the delivery of Interac emails.

I’ve whitelisted the IPs and added thee emails to the safe senders list, but the issue persists. I’m tring to get more information on what “updates” cloudflare users had to make, but so far I haven’t heard back. Any guidance would be appreciated if you’d be so kind! Thank you.

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