Strange IP 2a01:4f8:171:2a4::2

I am getting visits from IPs looks like this

What are those ? are they hackers or normal IPs ?

That is a Hetzner address, so unlikely to be a human being. If you don’t use them for anything, probably relatively safe to block all of AS24940.


how you get the ASN ?

This is an IPv6 address.


How about this ASN


Is this a bad bot ?

Not if you asked Jeffrey Jorgensen.

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AWS is trickier. Lots of providers use their Cloud services for legitimate purposes, and I see a large amount of corporate traffic from companies using things like ZScaler coming from AWS, which is again legitimate. I don’t see too much automated traffic that I don’t like from there.

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Yes I gave a German company my site which is only has my resume so it is probably them. many hackers try to access my admin backend and they even try any new discovered backdoor in wordpress.

Without cloudflare we would be ruined.

Thanks all

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