Strange error page: There was a problem loading this website


I am sorry to bring up what now appears to be a locked post, but I am unsure what else to do in this situation. I believe I am suffering the same issue as the OP below - I also had my domain pointed to a shopify trial site, but decided to host manually elsewhere and let the trial lapse.

I have now also opted to use Cloudflare to manage the DNS side of things and everything is all set up, but I get the exact error page displayed by the OP in the post below - the suggestion in this thread is that having set up my domain in shopifys systems at some point is causing some kind of conflict because they also use Cloudflare?

I contacted shopify, they stated it is out of scope, I just would like to know if I need to upgrade to a paid account to have this resolved or is there any other way?


Thank you so much in advance I really appreciate any help anyone can offer, I have been trying to fix this for days lol.

[There was a problem loading this website]

You don’t need to upgrade to a paid plan. Since Shopify most likely still has your domain active in their Cloudflare for SaaS account, their claim of your request being out of scope is open to debate, but I am not a lawyer, nor have I even read their service agreement.

You will probably get the fastest results if you can politely, but firmly, request escalation with Shopify support, since the issue is caused by their Cloudflare for SaaS configuration taking priority over your Cloudflare account.

If that fails to get you any results, you can email [email protected]. The ticket will auto-close, but you can include the ticket number here, and Cloudflare support can re-open it.

This #tutorial explains what is happening.

yeah, thanks for confirming.

I have now asked both Cloudflare (upgraded for support) and Shopify (never paid) to escalate.

mostly annoyed that Shopify blocks all access to this stuff as soon as the trial runs out but don’t remove the custom hostname records.

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shopify finally added a few days to my trial so I could at least log in to fix it myself, I have seemingly removed the domain from the shopify dashboard now and everything is just reverting to the default myshopify . com domain on there. so should all be fine now going to my domain using clouflare dns? not yet anyway.

flushed my DNS but still getting the same error page. unsure how long to give it before I try Cloudflare again…

can anyone from Cloudflare help me here?

I last heard from Cloudflare support 2 days ago instructing me to handle this via Shopify.

well, I have done as best I can - domains entirely removed from Shopify dashboard - but my domain is still directing my site to a Shopify error page.

it’s been days now and I am not sure what options I have other than begging someone on cloudflares end to investigate or leave Cloudflare all together and move to a DNS provider who doesn’t conflict with Shopify.

Approaching wits end.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Email [email protected] explaining the issue, mentioning your domain and that you need the Shopify SSL for SaaS churned hostname removing then post the auto-reply ticket number you get here.


Already mailed them to explain situation so here’s the existing ticket.


Huge thanks in advance for any assistance.

I’ve escalated this to support.

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ok I’m just going round in circles now. wtf.

The settings are already fixed on Shopify and they are already useless at support so I’m just going to lose another 2 days asking them.

are Cloudflare incapable of resolving this? Do I just find a different DNS provider?

I’ve nudged the escalation post with that response - there’s already at least 5 quotes from this thread about you already contacting Shopify so getting back in touch with Shopify won’t go anywhere.

I’ll see if I can get someone to look at your ticket again.

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fixed now.

thank you so much for your help.

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