Strange double IP situation

Hi, I’m having a stragne issue and I don’t knwo how to solve it. Check screenshot one: my NS zones only have 1 A record for the main domain. Now check screenshot 2: there are 2 IPS. the second one is a Cloudflare IP.


This issue is leading my site to constantly redirect between the 2 ips. How do I solve this? I checked everywhere with no success.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Both of those are Cloudflare IPs. When you use Cloudflare and set a DNS entry to :orange: the IP addresses that your users see are always Cloudflare IP addresses.

Are you actually experiencing an issue, and if so can you explain what it is?

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Thank you Michael for your kind and quick reply :slight_smile:

The issue I’m experiencing is this: when I enter the site it says that the browser is having too many redirects, particularly when I enter the backend (the frontend sometimes loads). It’s a clean wordpress installation (to be sure, I also tried to delete and reinstall it, but with no result)

Can you give a particular URL? I checked one before I posted, but did not get any redirect.

Also: you need to set the DNS entries for mail and ftp to :grey:, or they will not work.

Do you have a ssl certificate on your server?
Maybe the problem is that 2 ssl certificates are in the server

i had the same error and whas ssl ¯_(ツ)_/¯

@michael here’s the URL that always gives issues:

@RoboticObsession thank you for your reply. I double checked, just to be sure, and it’s not a double certificate

Looks like you are using SSL Mode Flexible, and your Wordpress instance is trying to enforce HTTPS.


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