Strange DNS TXT Entry


This is DNS TXT Entries of domain that I own. I found that somewhat strange entry (which starts with “ca3-”) that exists but not shown in the Dashboard. I want it removed. How Should I do it?


This is needed for certificate validation. Just ignore it.

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Nope. I need it removed because it interferes authentication for White Domain Listing in Korea.


In which way does it interfere?

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I believe the only way to remove it (highly not recommended and it’s temporary only when issuing a new certificate) would be to disable every HTTPS/SSL setting in Cloudflare. If you don’t use it they won’t put it there.


Stupid government authority does not support if multiple txt records are on the same domain…


In this case disabling SSL altogether - as @matteo mentioned - is likely the only way.


Disabling Universal SSL did not work. Where can the ca3 TXT Record used rather than Universal SSL?


It might take a while, but it might be best to open a support ticket at this point.


Already opened a support ticket before I questioned in here… Since I am a free user, my priority has sunk down to the Earth’s core(I think?)


Post the ticket number here, maybe some of the mods will give it a push…


Request #1675037 is the ticket number I have submitted…


Though this TXT record should only be temporary…