Strange dns problem


I have a question , 2 days ago i use the dns of Cloudflare and since then i cannot post any messages on my wordpress anymore , i changed it back to my own DNS and now i can post the messages.

do you know what is wrong ? i still love to use the Cloudflare dns but i need to make postings at my website

hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards


Are you on the Free or Pro plan?

What error message are you seeing when you try to post?

Hi , thanks for the respons , i am on free plan i first want to test it out how it works.

i dont get any error message , only cache is like holding…

Hi @user473,

If you put the site into development mode, do you see the new posts?

Pro Plan WAF rule

Yeah, I have had it caused by that, but I always received an error in WP, hence why I suggested caching, given

May not be…

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