Strange behavior

Performing dns tests with the Benchmark tool, I have been seeing for several days that the operation of the cloudflare dns in POP EZE (Buenos Aires - Argentina) is not right …
Attached screens…


Someone from support could verify and comment why this is happening ???
Thank you very much already!!!

Hello good afternoon!!!
The server in Buenos Aires continues to malfunction - Argentina…
Could you check it out???

It appears that this tool is performing a lookup and one (or more) of the domains fails to resolve. That could be because the DNS server for that domain is unreachable, DNSSEC is not properly set for the domain or it returns an unexpected result (not sure what the tool expects in a response).

Apparently the results from a run can be exported according to so you could review them to determine which domain the tool fails to lookup.

Goodnight!!! Thanks for your reply Cscharff !!!
This has been going on for several days now … What I also see in the cloudflare status panel, is that Buenos Aires appears several days ago as RE-ROUTED … Will it have something to do with it ???
I don’t know why it appears in RE-ROUTED if I get to all Cloudflare servers well…
Could you check why it is in RE-ROUTED and if it really has any problem ???

Greetings and thanks!!!

It’s not possible for me to tell why your test is failing a lookup.

Thanks for your answer!!!
Do you have any idea why Buenos Aires is listed in RE-ROUTED ???
It’s working correctly…