Strange behavior by CloudFlare

In the last week or so I’ve had continuous problems with CouldFlare. The problem is as follows:
The site ( loads fine but clicking on links of pages inside will randomly bring up the Cloudflare error page Error 524. Holding the shift key and clicking to reload the page brings it up. I checked the origin server at and it works fine.
Since the problem surfaced only recently, was there a change in service or does Cloudflare experience problems? If not, how can I fix this short of abandoning Cloudflare?

If you want, you can leave anytime.

Error 524 is a timeout error. Why this happens is a thing between Cloudflare and your host/origin server. Since you are using I would ask them. But after multiple tries I noticed that even sometimes is very very slow and takes more then 20s to respond. This could leed to a timeout.

But after analyzing your site I noticed you are using a static page, where I would recommend you using Cloudflare pages, may you have to adjust things to make it work, but basically you can host and run it for free, with all the benefits of Cloudflare and no costs.

Have a good day.

P.S.: this is not a performance problem.

What do you mean by “static page”?

Your page by the logic it follows is static. There is nothing dynamically. And if served dynamically it at least could be static.

That means you can just simply push it into a GitHub/GitLab Repo and serve it with Cloudflare Pages.

Well, I want it to be static. A wile ago I had a site (the same URL) with dynamic pages served from a database. There were no real advantages and lots of problems with maintaining the database. At least for this website I switched to static and minimal php. This shouldn’t influence the speed of loading the pages.
By the way I didn’t see that the origin server is slow - at least not so slow as to justify a timeout.

PHP cant be served from Cloudflare Pages, it must be completely static. But if you are able to make the site 100% static I would go for Cloudflare Pages.

That’s ok, I could see it. Different locations different results.

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