Strange alien DNS-Name in SSL


In my cloudflare SSL I see strange alien DNS Name.
This feels dangerous and I dont know what to do about it.

One of the alien names is

Google find this page.
That tells that Cloudflare ssl is not secure?

Can I remove this adress?
What to do?

Thanks for your help,

I cound only post two links,

I add this also,

Hi @henrikbergstrom,

It just looks like you may have one of the older ‘Universal (shared)’ certificates, rather than a ‘Universal’ - you can see Cloudflare Universal and Universal (Shared) Certificates for the difference.

You may be able to get a new cert by disabling and re-enabling Universal SSL, or in time when the certs renew, you may get a new type cert. Alternatively, you can purchase a Cloudflare Dedicated certificate if you want only your domain present. Overall, there isn’t really an issue with the shared certs, other than aesthetics.

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Great thanks,
I try this,


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