Storenvy Cloudflare Captcha Won't Stop

I’ve been using Storenvy to run my site for a couple years now with no issues. The last couple weeks though I have been getting frequent Cloudflare Captcha security checks. It is now to the point where every single time I attempt to load one of my pages for editing I have to answer the Captcha.

I have changed nothing about how I operate. I checked my IP and there are no security risks assigned to it. It has made it impossible to do my work. And I cant add my site to my cloudflare account to turn it off because my domain is a address. Cloudflare will only let me add and not include my subdomain

I’m either figuring this out, or leaving Storenvy completley

As with any blocks/challenges, those would show up in the Firewall Events Activity Log, along with whatever setting triggered the event. Only the site owner, in this case Storenvy, has insight into this.

If you tell them your IP address (it probably shows up at the bottom of that Captcha page), they should be able to track down why it’s being challenged.

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