Storage Space

Hi you all,

i want to know a couple of question, they could be trivial but i’m going to use a CDN system for the first time. I own a domain on a VPS and the VPS disk space is about 35/40GB.
On the VPS i have storer 30 GB of Images/Videoes and now I’ve decided to cache those files using Cloudflare.
The question are:

  1. If i delete my 30GB of Images/Videoes, can those resource be still avaiable on Cloudflare ?

  2. In that case, can i upload other Images/Video and start caching pn Cloudflare CDNs?
    In my Idealistic vision, in this way i could use my VPS disk space (about 30GB) and cache much more resource, is it possible or only a speculative vision ?

  1. No. Cloudflare only temporarily holds (Caches) your resources.

  2. There’s no Upload function to Cloudflare. It pulls as needed.