Stopping Seach Spam in Algolia

I recently installed Algolia search onto my WordPress site. I like it very much and think it will help readers. However, most of the queries are from spammers who try to put in product ads. Obviously, nothing comes back for them, and the readers don’t see this.

However, it’s wrecking the analytics, and I’ll probably have to pay for the extra queries. Also, I’m not sure how/if I can build a firewall rule around them AND if I need to turn on logging to get the IP addresses.

I did pose the question to Algolia, but their suggestions didn’t cover the spam issue.

Has anyone encountered this type of issue or have suggestions?

If you’re running Algolia in the preferred configuration (where your website generates a Search-only API key, sends it to the web browser client, and the browsers directly query via Algolia) then this is not possible:

Since Algolia are the one handling queries, you can’t set up firewall rules, at least in the preferred configuration as stated above. I don’t know if that’s the case, but if you can transition to the mode where your site effectively proxies Algolia, you’d then be able to set up firewall rules and get other insights into how and when queries are being done - at the expense of your website being forced to handle more requests and thus be under a heavier load.

Thanks Judge. Yes, I’m running Algolia with the preferred configuration. I’ll see what it takes to proxy them, but I won’t do until after they schedule the demo. I requested one, but haven’t heard anything back.

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