Stopping HTTPS redirect

I have a tutorial example using SocketIO for an online 3D multi-player game. It needs to run over http not https. A recent change to Cloudflare hosting has caused it to redirect to https. Any advice on forcing it to run as http. Always use HTTPS is off.

I’d say disable SSL completly over the domain, or use Page Rules or to modify SSL on the specific URL, (sub)domain, or by using Configuration Rule / Transform Rules over a specific URI path.

Nevertheless, disable the features “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” and “Always Use HTTPS”.

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The problem is only should be http. Everything else should be https.

That will be difficult because you do not have a valid certificate on your server. And even the invalid you have has expired.

$ curl -I --connect-to ::[SERVER_IP]
curl: (60) SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired

The certificate is supplied by Cloudflare. works fine. My problem isn’t getting https to work, the problem is stopping redirects for a particular url.

You are talking about the proxy certificate, that may work, but your server certificate does not. works in Firefox without any complaints. I simply want advice to allow to run as http and not redirect to https. It used to work fine.

As I said, it does not as you do not have a certificate on your server, I am afraid.

You should pause Cloudflare and first fix your server. As for the redirection, I understand @fritex already addressed that, but with your insecure setup that’s a moot point to begin with, of course.

I use Cloudflare specifically to handle providing a SSL certificate for my sites. So I no longer have to worry about buying and installing them. They run behind Cloudflare’s certificate. I’m no expert in servers and this seems to be a huge convenience. My problem isn’t whether my sites appear secure in a modern browser. I previously had Always use HTTPS and Allow HTTPS redirects off. And had page rules to make two subdomains Always use HTTPS. This allowed other subdomains to run as http something that is required for a SocketIO game that I use in a course I have on Udemy. Unfortunately something has changed in the hosting and this no longer works. I appreciate your responses but they don’t provide an answer to my problem.

That’s precisely the issue I was referring to. You have an insecure site as you do not have a valid certificate.

My sites are secure using Cloudflare. That is not my problem. May be I’m explaining badly. I simply want a specific URL to not redirect to HTTPS.

Can you post a screenshot of

You need to select the domain.

Yeah, that’s precisely what I meant. In addition to an invalid certificate, you also have an insecure encryption mode. That should be Full Strict.

When I view my sites on desktop or mobile they appear secure. That is not my problem. All I want to do is have a single url not redirect to https. You want me to fix something I’m not seeing as a problem. Perhaps you’re not seeing my sites via Cloudflare. But DNS should have you view them via Cloudflare. You’re the first person to see them as insecure.

We are going a bit in circles here. As mentioned more than once you have no secure certificate and an insecure encryption mode on Cloudflare. Your entire site is without encryption and you should fix that first.

And the redirection issue was already addressed by @fritex.