Stopping Cloudflare serving my JPG files


I want to create a page rule to stop cloudflare serving my jpg images from my wordpress site. Ideally I would like to stop all images: png, gif etc. But I’m mainly concerned with my JPG files.

Many thanks

What do you mean by stop? Should it return an error?

Not that I’d understand why you’d want it, but something of that sort might work

Not very elegant or exactly foolproof but could do somewhat the job (adjust to your liking).

Thanks…I have a two CDN’s whether this is a good or bad thing I do not know.

I’m with Site Ground and it offered a seamless option of using the free plan with Cloudflare so I took this option.

Then I started using a CDN is was bundled with my image optimising plugin (EWWW IO) for WP. It offered me the option of serving every resource (besides images) from the CDN - I took that option.

In developer mode on my browser I noticed that the images on my gallery page were being served both by Cloudflare and my Image Optimisation plugin.

But, when I invoked the lightbox by clicking on an image it was served entirely by the image optimisation CDN.

To add to the confusion I use Site Ground’s Optimiser and WP Rocket. I am pretty certain I’ve set up correctly.

I realise that my situation is a bit different. And, to be honest there’s not a lot of help out there for anyone using more than one CDN like me.

My site is

I am still not quite sure about your setup but you might want to simply place your images on a host which is not proxied by Cloudflare (:grey: instead or :orange:).

Cloudflare does not normally proxy content that is not coming from your own zone (domain and subdomains). So the images at the CDN that’s bundled with EWWW (or any CDN for that matter) should not be served by Cloudflare.

Visiting your website with Dev Tools open on Chrome, I can’t see a single image that has a Cloudflare header on them.

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Typical partner setup with only www going through Cloudflare and all images are loaded from a third party network.

In short, @wight2000, none of your images go through Cloudflare.

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Thanks Sandro

I’ve sorted it now.

Laurence Baker

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