And in case you are wondering, I don’t use any Google service. My life is still beautiful without it.
@hCaptchaSupport keep up the good work.

Absolutely, that is the massive advantage of using reCaptcha. The vast majority of our users are using Chrome or logged in on a Google account. During an attack, I can filter out the bad traffic very quickly, while almost all of our users are hardly inconvenienced at all - they just click a button and are instantly verified / passed.

With hCaptcha, instead, I’m forcing every single person to complete an incredibly tedious two-stage captcha. During testing this can take up to 30 seconds after being used to the system, compared to reCaptchas 1-2 seconds. And that’s not even mentioning all of the issues which are forcing users to complete the whole thing twice (4 captchas), or preventing users from passing it altogether. We’re not going to be able to convince even a fraction of our users to install privacy pass - hCaptcha’s causing issues with that too, captcha not loading at all.

reCaptcha’s primary goal is as a great captcha, for internet security, with the secondary goal of helping to improve their AI systems. hCaptcha’s primary goal is to produce profits, the entire thing appears to be built around that.


You joined 1day before aswell… so why mocking on someone else when the same thing you complain about applies to you??

I personally think in some points CloudFlare have done wrong here and just decided what the user HAVE TO use.
I like alternatives and I like options. For me as an IT-Guys I want to be free, at least in this virtual world. And I want to be able to use the Service I want to use. I’m against google in many cases and I love it when other companys rise up and create something that can even make Google fearing about and make them up their game and not collecting so many datas.

I like that CloudFlare implemented hCAPTCHA but it should have been implemented as option even if it would be implemented as default. But everyone should have the option to fall back to reCAPTCHA for whatever reason.

Its a bit aggressive to force everyone now to use something they never had the chance to test. I think CloudFlare have done wrong with this an as most things this may be just the first step in the wrong direction… many companies start with little things like this and then go on with other things which are making their customers unstatisfied.

A lot of complaints here are without proof! So shame on all the guys complaining at a service from a new player expecting it to be perfect since day 1… if you complain, proof that your complaint is true like others have done here. A lot of shet it going around in the Net these days, specially when people are bored like in these corona times…

@dev48 @hCaptchaSupport thanks for this alternative I think I will go with it :+1:
@CloudFlare pls do not force users/customers to use something. But us a “testing time” or an option to choose. Here are a lot of splitt opinions and not everyone is happy with what you have done even if I think its right, but the way you have done it for me is wrong.

Best regards,


Dear ALL!
I had a error One more step but dont show the capcha to complete to access to the web
Can you help me plz



Every single website using Cloudflare is asking me to complete this ■■■■ I did like 5 of them today and spending 3 minutes on each of these amazing ■■■■ pictures.

I’ve been very grateful inside of myself for the free plan offered by Cloudflare, but isn’t this the beginning of some kind of BS? Things always come to an end at the end, nothing is ever eternal.

reCaptcha has his bad sides, but hCaptcha is DAMN slow, the pictures are horrible and it gets triggered way too often, at least for me.

I honestly don’t give a ■■■■ about being tracked as I block ads anyway. So why bother? Google might be a monopoly but that’s how it is, for now, no one did better yet that’s it.

So guys at CF please wake up use your brain think about the user for 2s instead of listening to your jealous ego spitting on Google making money instead of you.

Anyway, I’m just a free user, heavy business users are the ones who will get their voice heard following a drop in visitors because of these captchas.

According to the firewall page though, after calming myself and some proper investigation, I didn’t find there were many more checks than usual being triggered.

Am I just unlucky?


Hi @Nop,
You may want to take a look at:

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Hmm not really helping but thanks.

To be honest the Privacy Pass extension can looks like a good idea, but you’re underestimating what “bad” actors can do.

Anyway, that isn’t the subject, I feel relieved now let’s see what will happen

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Thank you so much!
My main internet connection is for some reason flagged by google so it takes up to 5 minutes to solve google captchas which intentionally disallow solving them on first attempt. I personally hate google and every single website that uses recaptcha because it makes logging into some services a real torture.
I am glad cloudflare changed captcha provider to someone who doesn’t abuse it’s users. I hope more websites will do the same.

Best = Security + Convinience
Hcaptcha = Security + Entertainment LOL

I tried to enjoy myself every time,
what the heck should I found next.

Motorcycle – WHAT?!?


Airplane – Is it?


Someone should create Facebook Page
“funny hcaptcha”

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“In our tests, when connecting through Tor or a well-known VPN, we might need to go through reCAPTCHA more than 5 times”
I am sorry, but I think you are lying. First, when you logged in google account 5 times does not happen. Second, usually it just blocks captcha entirely if you are visiting through some more popular exit Tor nodes. But you can still use extension with tokens! So no prob.

hCaptcha is difficult, works on bots well but scares away real visitors also. I think it is not a ready product, at least not for all of the millions of cloudflare protected sites.
Many photos need too much attention. Easy to make mistakes and in such case you need to solve it all over again. Personally speaking I do click on the “Back” button when I am visiting some sites instead of dealing with hcaptcha.
I think the developers haven’t thought too much from real visitors’ point of view, perhaps their main focus was on bots. Some marketing people should be involved.

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Maybe hCaptcha is not very easy but bot protection is better. I never had problem to solve this task.
Some one give screen shot - yes you need to take a second to find plain or dog but I am sure you was able to solve this task.

Google reCaptcha sometime is more problematic because you select all valid answers but you are getting message, that you need to solve it again - not because the previous one was wrong - but just because they are not sure. From other hand there are solutions which allow to workaround reCaptcha by bots.

Maybe person’s complaining her want reCaptcha because they have already such solutions which allow to workaround the reCaptcha by bots. This is my suspicion, maybe I am wrong.

Were you able to solve this task? I am sure you were.

■■■■ yeah,
At first day when trying to solve hCaptcha, I feel everything are just downgraded, it might be cause of the user xperience, hCaptcha has really suck example of images, and also the pagination make me mad all the time.
Pretty sure next time if there’s a web using hcaptcha, I’ll just find the alternative instead of using their captcha lmao.

They have to improve the User Xperience, especially when the users are on solving captcha.
If they can’t solve that, Cloudflare must provide options which captcha that wanna be used by each users, so I people doesn’t need to use hCaptcha untill they have improvements.


I’ve flagged this due to unnecessary offensive mud-slinging toward the developer.

Why is it that most of the people hating hCaptcha in the feedback here have just registered within the last 30 minutes to a few hours?

I think many of the users here are not actually Cloudflare customers, but visitors to Cloudflare sites, although some are site owners as well.

For users receiving captcha challenges, here are some explanations why you may be:

As for Cloudflare changing captcha provider, AFAIK there has not been an announcement from them about this, and the community don’t have any more information. There has been mixed feedback here on the community, many pieces of positive and negative feedback about the change. Maybe we will hear something from Cloudflare as to why, however the community can’t directly do anything about the change. Leaving feedback here is a good place for Cloudflare to see customer’s views, however there is no need for feedback to be rude and, as always, any posts not in line with the community guidelines can be flagged.

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You’re right. I hadn’t thought of that. I regularly test my sites as if I were coming in as a visitor and do so under various conditions, one of which is intended to trigger security measures. When I initially experienced the hCaptcha, I was surprised as I had no info regarding the change. But I can say this: I am thrilled that the move away from Google’s implementation was made. As a site owner and as a site user.

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I really start loving hCaptcha over reCaptcha. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Only problem is about the image loading time… :man_shrugging:t4: