That’s very true, and it’s something to take into consideration. Maybe the real issue I was having was the cognitive load of having three images instead of say, one? Hence I felt having the subject matter in bold to be something to relieve that, instead of itself being the solution.

My real issue has been the actual presentation of the images themselves, but I’m sure the people at hcaptcha will come up with something great at the end of this!

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I don’t know what you mean, hcaptcha looks perfect for me, except the fact that it asks for images that doesn’t exist, please cloudflare, make a paid option where the user can pay for Google Recaptcha instead of using this bullshit…

The image in the center is the cockpit of a motorcycle, really hard to see, though :confused: agreed.

That’s 100% right. We don’t want those monopoly companies everywhere.
We want privacy for us and for all our clients! We don’t want to force any client to send personal data to Google, Facebook, Microsoft and co.

hcaptcha has been a pain in my ■■■ for many sites i visit. most people only like it because its not google. i have a message for those people, do you know why googles on top? because they were better than the other companies and hating recaptcha because it made by google makes no sense, and no the little recaptcha box does not collect your browsing history. The only people who like hcaptcha are the type of people that use a vpn in their own homes, it makes no sense. if the site you are connecting too has s valid ssl certificate that your browser trusts then all your data will be encrypted. cloudflare switched to hcaptcha because they wanted to make extra money. and why do people care if they are helping a bot learn things, the bot is google’s recaptcha learning who is and who isn’t human because with programs becoming more advanced, the bot behind google recaptcha needs to learn more. the data that google take from you is perfectly legal and not too private and i am fine if you use firefox or microsoft edge, just don’t be a complete moron that thinks that google is bad because they are google. if hcaptcha took the same information or even more 50% of people who hate google would still say that they want hcaptcha because its not google. and google allowing signed in users to pass recaptcha fast does not mean they want you to have a google account. the company can program that in for google users because they manage their users. they can do the same with a microsoft account because they don’t manage that data. for 50% of the people here supporting hcaptcha please do some research before saying that hcaptcha is better

Hcaptcha service does not work in Iran and people are faced with this error:
But using VPN, this service works.

Sorry for my bad english.

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Hi there,

Would you mind sending your IP to [email protected] and following the instructions in to make a network recording?

We just tried this from a few proxies in Iran and saw no issues, so it could be an issue with a single ISP, or something local to you.


Agreed. I tried about ten times but still failed the images.

This :poop: is not even IPv6!!! What??? Why???

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That hCaptcha is a horrible s h i t, it’s useless and not user friendly.
Please add option to: i can use my own reCaptcha code. I can pay for that, becouse recaptcha is WORKING and userfriendly.

I have yet to see somebody who is happy with this update other than paranoid people who think google is some short of big brother.
Overall, the trouble of solving the captcha is much more tedious with the new provider, it just loads ridiculously slow and on top of that you are forced to solve the captcha, no thing such as reputation on this newer system. Granted, you can deliver more or less tedious captchas, however, that doesn’t remove the fact that with ReCaptcha I just had to click a button and with the newer update I have to spend up to 1 minute just get inside a page I may be interested or not.
It’s soon to determine, but the engagement can be drastically reduced for those regions who receive frequent challenges.

having to read “ car ” as

WHAT?? Even people with worst dyslexia can still read 3 letters without any problems… Maybe you should look up some facts on Wikipedia.

  1. Don’t feed the trolls.

  2. See 1.

  3. Be positive not insulting to someone with actual visual and reading disabilities.

  4. Thank-you.

(Attachment publicKey - [email protected] - dc622ac9.asc is missing)

Oh and 5. : Read my post before jumping to dyslexia.

(Attachment publicKey - [email protected] - dc622ac9.asc is missing)


hcaptcha does not work in IPv6 only connections and it breaks the web. Previously reCAPTCHA worked fine over IPv6.

I am considering disabling cloudflare as this will turn away legitimate users who faces the captcha page and will be unable to access the site.


Outstanding solid topic,
with no one in management care?

Please use ANY captcha but NOT hcaptcha

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Cloudflare’s CEO has directly said why they’re using hCaptcha and the link was posted in this thread before.


Again, the best thing anyone can do is to set the security level to Essentially Off and use a firewall rule to block malicious traffic by setting a threat level to block that is suitable for each individual website that does not wish to use hCaptcha.

It’s breaking all sorts of things. This morning I can’t log in to because it blocks the loading of a critical .js file. If I click on the failed file in the developer console to pull it down, I’m greeted with an hCaptcha. After getting through that, I’m able to log in, but there are further errors on the page that prevent me from using it.

I’ve signed up for the accessibility service, gotten my daily cookie, and I have privacypass installed and all ad blocking disabled, but no dice.

I sympathize that reCaptcha is no longer free, but this new system is NOT ready for primetime!!

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plot twist: everyone who complain here is a bot and hcaptcha successfully stopping them :open_mouth:

just joking no dought google was better, but I dont think we should blame them when we see the captcha page… its the website owners to decide when to show them

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