Stop using Cloudflare servers in countries like Russia

I was shocked when I found out that Cloudflare is using servers in Russia. Dear Cloudflare, are you kidding me?! My European users complained about that a number of times. I don’t want to talk how unsafe it is to store data in Russia taking into account the political situation in that country.

Is there a way to instruct Cloudflare not to use servers located in Russia for my users from Europe for the following websites?

What countries should Cloudflare be allowed in?

Routing can sometimes make traffic take funny paths. But if your users in London are seeing their traffic consistently heading to Moscow I would consider that very unusual, and you should collect some traces, and contact Cloudflare and/or your ISP.

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It’s easier to say what countries Cloudflare can’t have infrastructure in. In Europe it’s Russia and Belarus, at least while the countries are ruled by dictators.

Since you’re asking I can assume one of the 2 options.
you’re either from Russia or you have no idea what Russia/Belarus can do with your servers if the servers are physically there.

I think some people do :wink:

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@sandro those two examples are the US government. Obviously any illegal spying they do is perfectly OK. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear and all that…


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