Stop the locking of topics after 15 days

I have a thread I started over 15 days ago. It is an issue where the “Checking if the site connection is secure” feature sometimes eats cpu repeatedly, like it never stops checking if the connection is “secure” it just keeps looping back. It is still an issue. So, I wanted to add to reply to the thread with a screenshot showing it is still an issue. The thread is locked so there’s no way to do it. 15 days is way too short. I would think more like 6 months. I don’t want to repost the issue every time I have more information that’s ridiculous.

Also make it possible to edit posts. For example here’s something I wanted to add to the post above but now I have to make a separate post for it:

It is already possible to edit posts, by using the pencil icon:


However, it (unfortunately) also appears that you haven’t used your Cloudflare Community account that much, as such, it’s still hanging in the trust level “New”.

“New” accounts can only edit posts for up to 24 hours.

Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

I have reopened this topic for another 15 days for you, unfortunately we generally find that posts don’t get replies after that much time has elapsed.

As already stated, you can’t edit posts due to being a new user. If you browse the community and read other relevant topics then this is usually lifted pretty quickly.


Why does the topic need to be unlocked? There wasn’t any actionable detail on the thread and you made your suggestion for Cloudflare staff.

What next step do you anticipate from the community?

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