Stop requests from bots that are consuming cpu

Hi. On my hosting, I received the notification of high CPU consumption and this is unusual, more so in a month like this when the traffic of my websites goes down a lot.

Checking in cpanel Aw Stats, I find in the bots section, that there is a bot named:

Unknown robot (identified by ‘bot’ followed by a space or one of the following characters _+:,.;/-)

He’s making a lot more requests than Googlebot, which is next to him.

What can I do to stop this from happening?

What I did was set up a firewall rule on Cloudflare, just like this question suggests: Detection of bots

But I’m afraid it will also block the search engine bots.

I also added the php code shown on some support sites, like this one:

Any help is appreciated. Greetings.

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