Stop direct bot traffic to specific URL on my site?

I have a Wordpress site, I’ve actually had it since 2016, never had issues with spam bot registrations, etc. But apparently they found me now. The plugin called WP Cerber has taken care of all the attacks, except for one annoying issue. My Tawk live chat monitoring is getting hits to the WooCommerce my-account/add-payment-method URL (where signed in users can add a credit card to store in Stripe) It wouldn’t be a big deal except that these bots are showing up as live visitors on Tawk, so it’s annoying.

My question: Is there a way on Cloudflare, to block all direct traffic to that URL? In other words, a real person would never land at that URL directly. A real person would have to be signed into Wordpress, then go to the my account page, then click on payment methods, then click the add payment method button. So I’d like to be able to completely shut down all traffic to that URL, when the visitor doesn’t follow that pathway. Or if they directly try to hit that URL in other words. Hope my question is clear, thanks!!

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