Stop Cloudflare inserting cf-wrapper DOM

I noticed that my website requests the resource https:///cdn-cgi/styles/cf.errors.css, which contains CSS for the “cf-wrapper” IDs. I then found that Cloudflare does, in fact, install id=“cf-wrapper” elements into my website, including a hidden message to allow cookies.

How do I stop this? I’m not OK with Cloudflare inserting things and displaying messages to my users that I am not aware of.

You can try disabling web analytics to see if that is what causes the js to be added

  • Head to the Web Analytics section of the dashboard
  • Find your website and hit “Manage site”
  • Toggle open the “Advanced Options”
  • Toggle “Disable automatic setup”
  • Hit “Update”

There is other stuff like email and bot protection that added JavaScript that you can disable to see if it removes the JavaScript.

“Disable automatic setup” already had a checkmark. Do you know where I can find this “other stuff” that may be adding elements and user messages to my website? The (hidden, to me) message that I’m seeing is a message to allow cookies.

What does the pop-up look like? Do you have a Cloudflare app installed on your account?

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