Stop Cloudflare for subdomain on a different IP address

I am having an issue where I have my main domain on one IP address and a subdomain on a different IP address.

After enabling Cloudflare on my main domain, Cloudflare is redirecting my subdomain to the IP address in Cloudflare, but it is an incorrect IP address for the subdomain.

I want to stop/block Cloudflare from redirecting my externally hosted subdomains to the wrong IP address.

Any help would be appreciated.

You can take Cloudflare out of the picture for that subdomain by setting it to :grey: DNS Only.

It is set to DNS only.

I also made a page rule to never cache the subdomain, but it is still redirecting incorrectly.

If it’s DNS Only, then Cloudflare is not the culprit. It’s literally just a DNS record that sends requests directly to that IP address.

Hey @alliejones42
If you’re encountering issues with Cloudflare services, you can pause Cloudflare without having to move your nameservers:

If you pause Cloudflare, and the issue you’re seeing persists, there’s a good chance that the issue not related to Cloudflare. However, if you pause Cloudflare and the issue goes away, then it is possible that the issue could be related to Cloudflare.

Could you pause Cloudflare to see if the same errors are occurring?

That’s effectively DNS-Only mode. But there’s always the slight chance the settings they’re looking at don’t apply to that domain. It may actually be on another account, or a hosting partner integration.

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