Stop caching sitemap in cloudflare page rule

Hello there,
I’m having issues with the sitemap I contacted Rankmath and they told me this issue is related to cache. So I need to exclude the sitemap from being cached. How can I do that in Cloudflare? Pls

Sir my website is menshoefactory(dot)com

So please tell me the exact URL for my domain to enter in the page rule for the sitemap_index.xml

I am very confused about this.

Please guide me

In the example given by Cyb3r-Jak3 it shows an example URL.

Basically you’d put the exact URL to your site map, minus the HTTP(S) at the beginning

Hi sir

Suppose my website is: techtips(dot)com and my website’s sitemap open by /sitemap_index.xml

Then what would be the exact URL to enter in the page rule?
Please guide me

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