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How do I stop cloudflare from blocking my IP address?! I signed up just to resolve this issue. This is regardles of browser used. I’ve tried to resetting everything I can think of DNS, security, just doesn’t seem to matter. This has never happened before but now I can’t get through. Someone please explain how I can resolve this problem and my intense hatred for cloudflare and their intrusion and disruption in my life!

It sounds like someone is using Cloudflare to block your access to their site. Have you contacted the site owner? Here’s a more thorough description:

The IP addresses are for lights I control remotely in my house. So does that make me the IP address owner?

The IP addresses are to control lights in my house. I contacted the manufacturer and they said cloudflare has been a pain in the a$$ because they don’t get that each IP is to control a light. Also I contacted my internet provider…nope not them. Contacted the manufacturer of my modem…nope not them. So now what? Just randomly started and can’t get cloudflare to answer to instruct how to removed their incredibly annoying intrusion in my life and home

Some service that you’re using has put Cloudflare in front of what you need to access. It sounds like it’s the manuracturer, and they don’t know how to properly configure Cloudflare’s security controls. Maybe they should reconsider their choice if they don’t know how to use Cloudflare.

Cloudflare will not override a customer’s security choices.

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Yes. This is an IP to control lights in my house. The manufacturer said it may be the internet provider so Im trying them now

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