Stolen Phone using cloudflrare IP address


Again: yes the IPs are Cloudflare IPs.
In order to understand why you see this IPs you need to know how it usually works:

When you visit a website from your home, lets say, Google will log this access with your Public IP.
(123.456.789.1. for example)

If the website you are visiting is using a proxy service like Cloudflare thing are a bit different.

You will not connect directly to the origin server (imeidetective). Your requet goes to Cloudflare (they can see your public IP address). Your request is forwarded to the origin server. The origin server logs the Cloudflare IP, not yours. That’s what happens on imeidetective…

You do a search, YOUR search query is logged but with Cloudflare IPs. It’s not your phone initiating a connection.

Neither imeidetective nor Cloudflare are able to track the IMEI number!
Since your’re using Android you could try to locate your phne via Google “find my phone”

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