Still Website Load Time Very Slow?

Hello Cloudflare Team,

We now just added our website your CDN services and have just now brought a PRO service and Argo service, but Seriously I’m not technically person

if you don’t mind pleas check and let you know us have any mistake or my said problem let you know me.

Can you please share your domain?

Yes, sure

Still waiting for the reply anybody pls help this doubt…

Here’s an objective measure of your site using WebPageTest: : Chrome...rginia USA - EC2 - WebPageTest Result

Your biggest initial slowdown is simply your server response time. Your origin server is taking over a second to respond. The only real solution here is going to be to improve your origin config, reduce database queries, plugins, etc. and get this responding sooner. If you add Cloudflare’s APO to your site, it may also help by caching some of these pages.

Then, you’re loading a total of 36 render blocking CSS files in your head, likely from plugins/themes, etc. - some of which seem duplicate, like multiple icon sets. These are going to have a huge impact on your site’s user experience as while they’re loading, the HTML can not render and the browser will wait for all of them to download before it does almost anything else.

Then, you have >110 images on the site. These look generally pretty optimised, but the sheer amount of them isn’t going to help.

And then, you have over 70 JS files being loaded on your site too. All of this is drastically impacting your core web vitals, with TBT being almost 10s, LCP being greater than 6.7s, etc.

While Cloudflare and its caching (especially with APO) can help in some cases here, there’s only so much it’s going to be able to do with the sheer amount of things your site is trying to load and process. You need to spend some time optimising your origin, removing plugins, CSS, JS, etc. where possible, especially all of the render-blocking CSS in your head. I would recommend reading through Web performance - Learn web development | MDN as a starting point, as well as Web Vitals.

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But I’m already connected with APO on my websit…

Yeah once again, APO and things like that are only going to be able to do so much here. You need to spend time optimising your origin as per my previous post, instead of adding more things into the mix.

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