Still unable to renew domain manually from the dashboard with an Indian credit card

I’m aware of the new Indian RBI rules around automated recurring transactions.

But even manual transactions initiated from the Cloudflare Dashboard fail silently.
After I click on the ‘Purchase’ button (in this screenshot), the dialog box closes with no additional error messages :

I receive the following message from my bank (even for transactions manually initiated from the dashboard):
Dear Customer, Your recurring transaction on Citi Credit/Debit card ending xxxxxxxxxx at CLOUDFLARE on xxxxx for Rs. xxx is declined due to RBI directive on processing of recurring transactions with additional authentication.

I have tried Paypal (linked to the same credit card) and that does not work either.

I have a support ticket no 2337321 open on this issue, but there’s been no response for 4+ days now. I have written to [email protected] with no luck. I have seen all the other threads around this issue on this forum.

My domains are past expiry. Please help.

Same problem…

But I Couldn’t see any support answer from CloudFlare.

Cloudflare does not a solution to Indian RBI mandate at present it seems. Was attempting to purchase domain xxx from Cloudflare registrar. To avoid the RBI guidelines for recurrent payment, purchased 10 year plan. Even then the purchase got declined.

A simple solution would be to have one time payment with subscription as an option, similar to Google. Most companies like Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Netflix have implemented nice solutions. Hope Cloudflare does something quickly.

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Hi @koushik.sinha.deb thank you, yes, we are working with our payment processors to address the changes in the RBI guidelines and have been sending updates to our customers based in India.

We are aware that some transactions have continued to fail with some certain banks due to rules they have in place and/or due to the extent that they themselves as the credit card issuing bank are following the RBI rules.

Paypal is the best viable option while we continue to work through these issues.

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