Still unable to access my website

I change my website name server to cloud flare today, and has been unable to access website all day. Do i need to wait 24 hrs to see website working again?

It can take up to a day or so to see the change. Can you share the domain name here?

DNS looks good, but it’s redirecting to HTTPS, then giving a 404 error.

Did you have HTTPS set up before you moved it to Cloudflare?
Which SSL setting are you using in Cloudflare’s Crypto tab? Full (Strict) is best.

No SSL setting before moving to cloudflare.

I was told to choose flexible should i change it to full (strict)?



Flexible is a balancing act that makes proper configuration a challenge. The 404 might be due to this. But you can’t get away from flexible if you don’t have an SSL certificate on your server.

If you go to Cloudflare DNS for your domain, set those entries to :grey: then wait five minutes before testing your site. At that point, see if your site starts working again.


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