Still seeing Cloudflare SSL certs when proxy set to DNS only?


Im confused as to what is happening with my current setup. I have a subdomain as a CNAME record that points to my origin server. I have this set to Proxy Status: DNS Only. I have SSL/TLS mode set to full.

However, if I go to this subdomain in my browser, I get a certificate error in Chrome:

Subject: CloudFlare Origin Certificate
Issuer: CloudFlare, Inc.
Expires on: 8 Oct 2033
Current date: 19 Dec 2019
PEM encoded chain:

I was under the impression that with the proxy status set to DNS Only, cloudflare is only doing the DNS resolution. Can anyone explain why the browser is still seeing a cloudflare certificate in the chain?


That is correct and you actually dont get a Cloudflare proxy certificate here, but the Cloudflare Origin certificate configured on your own server.

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