Still see the traffic from the country I blocked

I blocked certain countries using firewalls yesterday, but today, I still see there is traffic from the country I blocked.

When I check the setting, it is “on” in green box. Is there something I am missing?

Thanks for your help!

Which countries did you block and where did you notice that requests are still going through? What’s the domain?

Let’s try this differently. Why do you think these requests go through?

Plus, what’s your domain?

On your server or Cloudflare?

Post screenshots of it.

Your domain is properly proxied, so if you have the firewall rules correctly in place and they are not connecting directly to your server, these requests should be blocked.

These requests will have most likely gone around Cloudflare and connected directly to your server. You’d need to talk to your host on how to block all requests which are not coming through the Cloudflare proxies, otherwise any Cloudflare rules will never fire for such requests.

You can actually combine that into one rule with “is in”, but assuming you used the right comparison for both rules, these should be actually correct.

IMHO this won’t be a Cloudflare issue and Cloudflare will properly block these requests, but as mentioned the requests will actually go directly to your server and hence Cloudflare cannot block them.

I guess another thing you can clarify with your host is if they rewrite any IP addresses. If they don’t you should actually mostly see Cloudflare IP addresses in your activity log on your host’s side. That’s how you should be able to keep Cloudflare requests apart from direct ones.

Should your host take Cloudflare into account though, they might be rewriting those and you’ll always have the proper addresses in your log. That’s also something to clarify with your host though.

But yes, at this point the important part is to discuss with them how you can make sure that only requests through the Cloudflare proxies get accepted by your host. Otherwise someone could always connect directly.

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