Still pending nameserver

Hi there,

my domain is still pending nameserver for update, but on my side the settings are correct. I’d be grateful for any help…

BR, Reinhard

Can you contact your domain registrar to ensure they disables DNSSEC and ask them to make sure to remove the ds files?

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Thank you for your reply! DNSSEC is already disabled at the domain and there are no DS files. Hopefully the nameserver update will be done soon - it’s for testing purposes and a first look at the Cloudflare services …

The nameservers do not point to Cloudflare at your registrar.

registrar: EDIS GmbH ( - EDIS GmbH )
tech-c: EG10028447-NICAT
changed: 20221006 15:07:11
source: AT-DOM

Thanks for your message - tried to check the nameservers at by dnschecker dot org which shows the expected result :thinking:

BR, Reinhard

The nameservers need to be changed at your registrar, not in your existing DNS server. You’re getting the ‘right result’ checking the wrong thing. Until it’s changed at the registrar the domain can’t be activated.

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Working now :slight_smile: Thank you for your support and patience!


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