Still on Cloudflare after pausing

Hi there,

I paused Cloudflare on my site but still see Cloudflare on DNS Checker after 48 hours.
What else can be done? I could unproxi those orange clouds putting them to grey but I don’t see any orange clouds for NS records.

Thank you.

NS and DNS is something different.
If you paus CF it will not proxy anymore but just resolving the direct origin IP as all other DNS Services.

Your NS settings will not be affected by this and they will stay the same.

But just tell us what you want to achive and we will help you


One of my plugin developers are trying to resolve my issue with their currency switcher. So we disabled all plugins and Cloudflare has to be disabled for a while as well. But they’re showing me DNS Checker where we can see NS records being still on Cloudflare.

That will have the exact effect what you want.
NS can stay at CF, but the proxy Service should be deactivated.
You should just set CloudFlare into Develop-Mode. That will do the exact thing you want. Dont care about the NS.

Also: after setting it to Develop-Mode you should Clear cache. Then every modification by CF is bypassed and it will behave like it is not there.

That’s for 3 hours right? Can I prolong it? They’re in a different time zone.

Yes its for 3 hours. If you need it longer, just turn the cloud from :orange: to :grey: and its as long as you keep it as :grey:.

Development Mode does not have any clouds. It’s either On or Off.

I was talking about the settings in the DNS section. If you turn the Cloud to grey, then CloudFlare is deactivated for this Domain/Subdomain

Ah ok so you’re talking about turning to grey everything that’s orange like A records, CNAME records, MX records etc? Will I still see Cloudflare in NS records in DNS Checker? They’re just hard on about not seeing Cloudflare in NS.

Cloudflare will still provide your nameserver service. If they have a problem, ask them to explain why as DNS is not a factor here.

They think it might be Cloudflare that’s causing the issue, everything else is disabled. So they want to test it without it. I did pause Cloudflare, put it to Development Mode, turned all clouds to grey. They still see NS records of Cloudflare in DNS Checker and insist that they shouldn’t be there as it means the site goes through Cloudflare.

Then they are very dumb and just dont know anything about DNS/NS/CloudFlare.
I would seriously recommend you to reconsider working with people like this.

This is not a joke

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I’m pretty close to agreeing with @M4rt1n here. I hate to dump on someone who might just be confused, but seriously, once you hit Pause, all web traffic bypasses Cloudflare completely.

The nameservers (NS records) will still use Cloudflare, but literally nothing else.

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