Still leading to a NOT SECURE site

I have added two domain names that are still leading to a NOT SECURE site. Ive added a CNAME, I’ve changed name servers where I purchased the domain. It stated both my domains are active and protecting… but they’re not. Anyone experience this? No errors…just not completely transferring correctly.

Can you post one of the domains? and

You should turn on “Always Use HTTPS” by going to the SSL/TLS tab in your zones’ dashboard and going to “edge certificates”.

I did that…then my pages turned BLANK

Okay I’ve turned them BOTH back on BUT again they BOTH are leading to BLANK pages? I’ve been trying to get this executed now for 5 days… uggh

Were both of those sites working with HTTPS before you added them to Cloudflare?

Okay… I just found when adding www to each they go through great. without the WWW they do not.

no sir. the site they are forwarding to doesn’t offer https or ssl… so I had to come through cloudflare. the or. com work… however if someone doesn’t add the WWW they show up blank? I’m thinking I need to add another CNAME of sorts here on cloudflare for the NO www transfer? I’m so tecnically challenged.

Then this should fix it. Because you already have :orange: records for the non-www sites, so you just need to use the Page Rules in this tutorial.

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