Still have Error 1014 CNAME Cross-User Banned

Today marks a week with this message. My website sits in and is re-directed in two Big Commerce sites. One BC site hosted in Go Daddy and the other in Host Gator. I’ve updated every SSL, I’ve adjusted the crypto here in Cloudflare and absolutely nothing is working. Each location tells me it’s a CF issue and I’ve not been able to figure out what the issue is at all. I don’t know where to go from here, what to fix and of course no human to speak with. I can see this is an issue for many, can anyone help?

Hi @heather2, a similar question came up the other day with a 1014. Assuming you’ve not changed anything on your end, I’d suspect something’s changed on the other site. In the instance the other day, the documentation for the name of the CNAME was inaccurate and needed to be updated on the DNS tab of the Cloudflare dashboard.

Thank you. Since I’m completely inept at this, where am I locating this CNAME? Would that be in teachable, host gator or go daddy?

Probably teachable and Cloudflare. Teachable would tell you the contents of the record you enter on the dns tab of the Cloudflare dashboard.

The error basically means you have a DNS record that is pointing at another site that is on Cloudflare. That is generally not allowed, this thread has a great discussion of why, Error 1014 - CNAME Cross-User Banned. When we do allow CNAME records like that it’s for customers that have requested it and approve it happening, supporting that is part of their business.

Assuming you’ve not made any changes in Cloudflare, I’d start with questions, was the site working before and stopped or are you setting this up fresh? If new, I’d find the howto details from teachable. If an existing site, I’d check with teachable to see if something changed on their end that is different from the docs you’re following.

Can you share the domain name? Ah, this just came up again on another thread, although probably a different cause. But, great link shared,

Thank you SO much, this helps! I’ll add to my ticket at Teachable. I’ve had my site there for a couple of years and made no changes so hopefully this will help. The domain is I’ll look at your link now.

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