Still getting spam emails even creating JS Challenge

Already Setup a JS Challenge for contact.html webpage.

But Still getting spam emails even creating JS Challenge for that page. Why this is happening?

It’s probably a human hitting the site and pasting in spam.

Does your form show the IP address that submitted the form? That may be a good place to start for using a Firewall Rule to block access.

Adding something like reCAPTCHA to your contact form may or may not help as well.

Well, every spammer ip is different. It makes no sense to ban every new ip of those spammers.

And note for jwds1978 i already have google recaptcha on the form but still getting spams, i also have anti-spam question and some extra antispam codes on the html form.
But nothing can stop these russia related spammers.

No, but it may show some trends (ISPs, VPNs, Countries, etc). There’s no silver bullet to stopping any type of attack. It requires some legwork.

You might also want to create a mail filter at your mail host to look for common keywords.

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