Still getting marketing emails even after turning off all categories in preferences

Why do I still get marketing emails even though I have all categories in Communication Preferences turned off?

Here is the options, it has been this way for months. I have resaved it many times now.

But I’m still getting marketing emails.

You see that I’m getting emails from the cloudflare marketing email address. I’m even getting one that’s not in English… (account is in English, have never been to a country that doesn’t speak English). I don’t want to get these emails right now and have turned off all emails in my account for months already, but I still keep getting them. I have refreshed this page and have re-save the settings multiple times. How do I make these emails stop? And where are the actual settings for this?

Why is Cloudflare not respecting the email marketing preferences? Per the CAN-SPAM Act, each of these emails will cost Cloudflare up to $51,744 per email, and I’m very close to reporting it to the FTC which total the fine for Cloudflare up to over seven figures in $.

P.s. I do not want to click on “unsubscribe” within the email itself because I don’t know where is the settings for this to resubscribe when I want to start getting emails like these again.