Still: cf-cache-status DYNAMIC or MISS, how fix it?


  1. Our site Music Bay is not very fast at the moment. It seems that many things are not cached by Cloudflare. I see in almost all elements

cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC (or MISS , despite several successive openings of the page)

How do I fix this?

At this moment Music Bay has:
Cloudflare – Rules - Page Rules – Cache Everything
Plugins: WP Rocket & WP Rocket | Remove HTML Expires from .htaccess rules

  1. What settings, options and/or methods does Cloudflare offer to speed up the site? Is APO compatible or better than ‘Cache Everything’? Perhaps other options, even if charged for?

Many thanks - Kristof

I’m seeing a HIT, so that Page Rule is working.

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:
Yes, but only the HTML is HIT.
ALL other elements of Waterfall are DYNAMIC or MISSING. I don’t see a single HIT among these elements. So they are never cached, are they? How can I fix this?

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