Still Blog Not able to view the blog

Inspite of changing the name server am not able to view the BLOG. Am wondering will I ever be able to view it or will be always viewing error cannot open

What is the domain and the address of the page that won’t open? Also, what error do you get?



Error 522 Ray ID: 4c4f21853e976a8b • 2019-04-09 20:12:05 UTC

Connection timed out

There we go


how to solve am little bit sad after so many hurdles i taught i solved this ,but again am in square onewith zero results.

What is unclear about the linked article?

this is the msg i get

Error 522
Connection timed out

That is the same error and the same article applies.

Using Blogger

Still the same as @sandro has been saying.

The error page gives you more info:

And the community tip for fixing it that @sandro posted earlier.

I would say the most likely thing from those articles is to contact your host and ask them to whitelist the Cloudflare IPs.

How is that related to the issue and the posted article? You simply need to follow the advice you were given.

this is the page

Error 522
Connection timed out

Are we going in circles? Read the advice you were given!

Check your SSL setting. Perhaps you server is not listening on the port you’ve specified with (Flexible or Full). Otherwise you need to check with your host to verify the origin is correct and the connections from Cloudflare aren’t being blocked for another reason. Reposting your website name repeatedly without other information isn’t going to allow the community to provide any additional information or feedback.

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