Still Bad Routing from DTAG in Germany

I found a topic from Q1/2021 which said CF is working on it and cannot give an ETA. CF did stop routing TATA communications in Frankfurt (AS6453).

Just noticed that I am routed to Paris. Ping is >50ms to, and both responds time is >13ms

@oneandonlyjason did you receive any news via your ticket?
It’s hard to believe, that CF - running one of the largest CDNs in the world - takes months or even has no ETA at all to fix the routing of the biggest ISPs (Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone) in an industry leading nation?!

Hey, because my Ticket got closed after the answer i recieved i didnt get any new Information after this Point.

As far i know Vodafone got fixed after Vodafone migrated the Unitymedia Network. But Telekom still has this Problem

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These incumbents, eyeball hostage takers, are the European equivalent of Comcast or Telstra in AUS, they won’t peer domestically or at least not in the same state in the USA, or if they do they’ll keep the capacity deliberately constrained - here’s a 10gig cross connect but we don’t have peering capacity for the other 390gbit of traffic you want to exchange, ultimately they want to CF to purchase paid transit from their edge locations to them - quite often in same building that the peering fabric is in.


I did create ticket #2147404


Darn, @TKlein is from that area, but probably didn’t catch this thread when he was on earlier.

Hi there @user6094,

So we have a bit more context, can you please also provide us with the plain text output of the following commands from the device(s) where issues were observed?


Replace with your site and feel free to send me these details back on the ticket for our analysis. With this, I can loop in someone from our networking team to weigh in on the situation at hand.



I did send the requested output for and as I am not a direct customer of yours. I did notice that my local DNS server no longer was using but due to slow response time, so I started analyzing the traffic und digging in the internet :nerd_face:

Pls also look at my images from the initial post in the ticket. The ping times to vary by day time (e.g.11 pm - 11am: 20ms, 11am - 11pm: 40ms), while response constantly at 13ms, no change during day time.