Sticky Argo Tunnel

I am having an issue deleting a tunnel. Using cloudflared tunnel list does not list the tunnel, but when I check the Traffic/Argo Tunnel page on cloudflare website, the tunnel is listed. It was also listed in the DNS records, but I deleted it manually. This didn’t help.

I created the tunnel using the following command:

cloudflared tunnel --hostname --url

Now whenever I try to run the same command, I get the following error:

There is already an active tunnel for To distribute requests between multiple origins, use Cloudflare Load Balancer. Existing tunnels not using the Load Balancer will need to be registered again

I can’t delete the tunnel because the system doesn’t recognize it is there, and I can’t run it because the system thinks the tunnel is already running!

Is there a way to clear this sticky tunnel and start over?
I have tried this method in the past, and it worked, but never needed to delete a tunnel.

This is the legacy way to run and establish a tunnel connection with Cloudflare. So executing this command cloudflared tunnel list will not show the legacy tunnels. It will only show the tunnels created using cloudflared tunnel create my_tunnel.

And regarding the active tunnel issue, did you run the first command in the background but you forgot to stop it?

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That could be it, bu how do I check what is running in the background? or how do interrupt background running commands? Service restart/PC restart?

Are you using Windows or Linux?

For Windows, you can find the running cloudflared process pretty easily using Task Manager.

For Linux, try run ps aux | grep cloudflared to find out whether there’s cloudflared process running in the background.

Perfect. Killed the background processes and it worked.

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