Stick in ssl errors

getting " redirected you too many times." error in my main domain while my other subdomains are working fine. (using SSL to flexible)
and when I change SSL to full getting “Error 1000” in main domain and “Error 525” in all subdomains

Hi @nawleshkr26,

Your SSL mode should be Full (strict). Here is some information on the errors you are seeing.

A 525 error is typically caused by a configuration issue in the origin web server when its SSL certificate is not properly set up. Review the suggestions in this Community Tip for advice & insight.

A 1000 error is most commonly caused by one or more DNS records in the Cloudflare dashboard pointing to a Cloudflare IP address. It can also be caused if your DNS record(s) reference another reverse proxy. To resolve this, you should edit your DNS records to point to your origin server’s IP address.

More details in this Community Tutorial:

And this support article:

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