Steps to setup Staging site with Cloudflare DNS & SiteGround host

Need a staging site for employers website. No such, “one click option” through host on this setup as follows:

DNS pointing to Cloudflare. Host: Siteground.
No one click option from SiteGround as they are not the primary DNS. Cloudflare is.
Domain: your trimmers . com
Latest version of WP.

What are some options and steps to get a staging site setup? Will WordPress staging plugins work with this setup? If so, which are the best for sites using Cloudflare DNS?

Help would be appreciated. There’s no single solution or step by step I’ve found so far.

Hello Kimberly,

Make sure your plan on SiteGround includes the staging option or you can consider an upgrade. Right now we’re running great promos.
In Site Tools > WordPress > Staging you can then automatically create a staging copy of your website on a subdomain. Point that subdomain from Cloudflare to SiteGround, configure an SSL and the setup will be completed.
Our team would love to assist with the exact steps, please contact us from the Help Center:

The SiteGround team


Thank you SiteGround! We will be in touch.

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