Steps to configure free ssl on tomcat


Hi there,

I am now to CloudFlare and i had been trying to configure SSL on my Tomcat server. Been trying on installing the cert but I am getting Error 502. Reverting my cert to my expired cert works perfectly fine.

Abit lost here and hope someone can help to shed some light here on how to get it up step by step.

The write up on the help on this site doesn’t really do any good.



Are these the instructions you were following?

I don’t use Tomcat, but I’d try bypassing Cloudflare (grey cloud) to see what certificate is being used…if you’re not getting a 502 in the process.

As an aside, what SSL setting are you using here? Full? Full-Strict?


Hi sdayman,

Thanks for the time to reply my questions.

I had generated CSR from my webserver, created the cert on cloudflare using the CSR.

Copied out the cert and imported it into my keystore. Configured the ssl.conf to read from the keystore.

Upon restarting the tomcat, it won’t even land to my site. I have selected Full on crypto. I am really lost. Setting up SSL is not as difficult compared with clouldflare…

Shame there is not much of support online.