Steps to add subdomain?

I bought my domain on Cloudflare. What are the steps to add subdomains? (I see instructions for external domains but not for domains already on Cloudflare).

Thanks in advance.

Does this cover what you want to know?

Thanks for reply but I don’t see any link or documentation?

Did you click the link on the word “this”?

Thanks. I did not see the link prior.

It’s definitely harder to see when only one word is linked. I usually span a couple of words which tends to make the underlined space stand out.

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I’ve reviewed this page prior but confused by this:

“To create a new subdomain, you would first add the subdomain content at your host”

My host is Cloudflare. I’m unsure how/where to add subdomain content within Cloudflare. Straight forward process using other hosting sites, but first time using Cloudflare.

Unless you are using Cloudflare Pages, Cloudflare isn’t your host. Right now they are your registrar and your DNS provider. You still need to host your content and services somewhere.

Would you mind sharing what your desired outcome is with your newly created domain name? This might help us get you better answers.

  1. Login to
  2. Select account (required if you’re managing team account)
  3. Select your domain name (required if you’re managing more than one domain)
  4. Now, you will see menus like Overview, DNS, etc. Go to “DNS” menu.
  5. Add a record like below

Let suppose your domain name is and you want to create subdomain which exist at same server in this case you can add a CNAME

Record type = CNAME
Hostname = blog
Value =

Or If you’re hosting subdomain at different server, you can use A record or CNAME with specific value as provided by services provider.

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