Steps for subdomain to Cloudflare redirection for self-contained sass


We have developed a web application which resided on our servers.

A client of ours who has a site with his own domain wants to use our app with his own subdomain.
As of recently, the CISO asked us to use Cloudflare, and we need to direct ONLY the subdomain to Cloudflare, and from Cloudflare to our servers.

We already entered the client’s main domain, and now we need help to continue the integration for the subdomain.

What is the best way to do it, and what are the full steps we should give to the client’s IT person?

Thank you, and have a nice day!

If you plan to grow and really want to use Cloudflare, CF has a specific product called Cloudflare for SaaS which makes it simple to use Cloudflare for your SaaS and allows your customers to simply add a CNAME or A record [pointed at your SaaS] to their existing DNS system and allows you to enjoy the benefits of Cloudflare without having to take over you client’s entire DNS.

If you don’t want to go this route, you have two options:

  • A) Set up your customer yourself as a business zone

While not a great solution, you could perform a CNAME setup for your client’s zone (costs $200/mo), which would allow you to create only your own record within Cloudflare and instruct your client to create the CNAME in their authoritative DNS when you add DNS records.

  • B) ask your customer to sign up for Cloudflare

If you don’t want to use CF for SaaS, nor pay $200/mo for the CNAME setup, you’ll need to ask your client to move their authoritative DNS to Cloudflare. This would allow them to use Cloudflare for only one subdomain but would have to move and manage all their DNS records via Cloudflare from then on. Here, you would just ask your client to create a proxied A record containing your load balancer’s IP address, or you could have an unproxied subdomain DNS record on your own domain and have your client create a proxied CNAME pointed at that unproxied subdomain.

Thank you for your answer.

Just for clarification,

If I am using option B - meaning the client will move his authoritative DNS to Cloudflare,
Is it possible for the main domain to “bypass” Cloudflare and direct to his server, and to add a subdomain which will be under Cloudflare and direct to our/ different server?

as shown in this article: Route only a subdomain through cloudflare

Thank you

Yes, all DNS records other than the sub domain can be set to unproxied, assuming your subdomain Is a website (and not just a way of serving non-html content):

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