Step up for cloudflare for teams guide

Hi all.

I’m new to Cloudflare. I have subscribed to Cloudflare for teams and is trying to setup SWG (Secure Web Gateway). However, I’m not sure whether if the policies that I have setup is correct or not as I have setup a DNS Gateway policies to block Malware (default policy) and a Block page and enable a block page in the Block_Malware policy. However, I did not see any deny log in the Gateway logs. Neither was I able to see any splash page when I access the malware website. Do note that installer have been installed into the laptop already. Is there any step-by-step guide on the steps to be configure for cloudflare for teams?

Did you login to your Teams organization in your WARP app?

Yup. I have login the WARP app to my cloudflare for teams account

Surprisingly, I was able to see the analytics of the allow and block request in the dashboard but not the logs. Neither the splash page was showing when I go to the denied website to test. Please advise. Thanks.

Thanks all. I have managed to resolve this error. Thanks again.