Step by Step How to add a subdomain

Step by Step How to add a subdomain to an already functioning domain without contradicting it. I recently contacted my host and told them that i was hosting with Cloudflare and my subdomain wont work. They told me: “We would like to inform you that you should create the same A record as in your cPanel for your subdomains in your Cloudflare account” Also stating that it would require at least 4 hours to reflect . I have tried, checked other forum topics but couldn’t do it.

Can some one help me with this? Thank you.

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  1. Go to your main dash, where your zones list is
    • your zones list will show up by clicking ‘Home’ in the upper left of the dash if you’re on any other page
  2. Go to applicable zone page
    • Click on the applicable zone
  3. Click DNS on the top menu where all the buttons are.
  4. If you have an A record like your hosting support told you, use the A record type,
    • Name: mail (for mail.domain.tld)
      • Your subdomain name, like above should go here if you have a domain, your subdomain for mail would mean to enter mail in the input field for Name
    • Value: IP.IP.IP.IP
      • You put the same IP that you have for the subdomain in your cpanel here.
      • If the subdomain is and the IP you entered on cpanel was, you’d put into the field.
    • TTL (Time To Live)
      • You can leave this as automatic to let Cloudflare handle its TTL, (using a custom TTL can be a bit advanced sometimes so I won’t elaborate on it)
    • Cloudflare Status(the orange/gray cloud :cloud:
      • This determines whether the subdomain/entry will use Cloudflare’s extended DNS and HTTP(S) services to compliment the entry, otherwise you will only use the basic DNS service. which would expose the IP of the subdomain (when you do so, the Cloudflare panel may alert you that such a thing is happening ‘a record is exposing your origin address’)
  5. Click Add Record and within 24-48 hours Cloudflare should be using its powers to compliment your subdomains’ DNS

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