Step 4: Checking your site after adding it to Cloudflare

This tutorial covers checking your site after configuring it with Cloudflare.If you have not yet configured it, you may want to go back to Step 1.

At this point, your site should be accessible over HTTPS, you should visit https://yoursite.tld and check it out.
If you do not see the site as secure or you don’t see the Cloudflare certificate, try clearing your cache / using a different device on another network.

Your site may be working perfectly now over HTTPS, if it is, skip to Part 5 of this guide. If not, read on!

Mixed content

One of the most common errors you may see is due to mixed content. This is addressed below. If you get a different error, I recommend searching the Cloudflare community ( and Cloudflare Support (

What is mixed content?

Mixed content is when your site is loading over HTTPS, however some images / scripts / resources are still being loaded insecurely over HTTP.
Your browser may give a notification about it when visiting the site, such as:



If you see this error, you should enable:
in theScreenshot%20from%202019-08-27%2013-47-34 SSL/TLS app of your Cloudflare dashboard which can help with some issues. Cloudflare will try to change all HTTP links into their respective HTTPS counterparts, however it may miss some. If you still have some mixed content on your site, you will need to edit the resources to load over HTTPS. If you can edit the source code, you can simply change http:// to https://. If you use a CMS such as WordPress, have a look at their support articles for more info on fixing this error. There are many plugins etc. available that can do this.

If you have completed this, you should be good to go with Cloudflare! If you have any questions or issues, please try searching the community and if you don’t find what you need, open a new topic - we are happy to help!

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