Stealth Fordwarding Settings

Good day, please I need stealth fordwarding configuration on cloudflare. I have cross user banned issue ( the owner of the website which I want to point my subdomain with… We both are cloudflare users.

The website owner and I are on free plans as well. He requested me to do stealth fordwarding but I don’t know how to do this on cloudflare and if that’s possible ?

Please help, thank you.

Forwarding? That would be a Page Rule to send visitors from your URL over to a different URL in the browser’s address bar.

If you want your domain to load their content, it’s much better if you just have your friend set up a domain alias on their origin server, then you can point your “A” record to their server’s IP address. Ultimately, their server is going to have to be configured for your hostname.

@sdayman thanks for replying. I have a subdomain with the domain I want to point at (e.g and I tried using CNAME pointing instead which I received Cross User Banned.

Any solution to this and do Cloudflare offer domain masking either by page rule or via plugin add-on ?

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